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Additional Partners

The Society and the vwin.com网Broadcom Foundation welcome support and collaboration from partners for the Broadcom MASTERS

Title Sponsor:vwin.com网Broadcom Foundation

Additional vwin.com网Broadcom MASTERS Partners

德赢网Society for Science & the Public and the vwin.com网Broadcom Foundation welcomed support and collaboration for the Broadcom MASTERS 2017 program cycle from the following partners:
  • Samueli Foundation
  • 罗伯特伍德约翰逊基金会
  • The Lemelson Foundation
  • Allergan
  • Jeff Glassman,CEO Covington Capital Management
  • KPMG
  • Wolfram Research

Educational Partners

  • Computer History Museum
  • Georgetown University School of Medicine
  • Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
  • 300 Affiliated Regional and State Science & Engineering Fairs and the 6,000 students nominated across the United States
  • Parents,teachers,and mentors of the 2,499 vwin.com网Broadcom MASTERS entrants
社会和Broadcom基金会正在寻求与企vwin.com网业和组织建立额外的伙伴关系,以鼓励和激励中学生继续他们对科学的兴趣,technology,engineering and math.If you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities,please contact us.

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