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Regional Award Materials

Regional awards to provide at your fair

Each year,Regional Award Organizations provide certificates and awards to 德赢网Society for Science & the Public to distribute to the affiliate fairs.

This year's organizations include:
American Meteorological Society
American Psychological Association
ASM Materials Education Foundation
Association for Women Geoscientists

vwin.com网Broadcom MASTERS – Middle School competitioninformational only
Intel Excellence in Computer Science
MU Alpha Theta
NASA EARTH System Science Award
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of Naval Research (U.S.Navy/ U.S.Marine Corps)instructional letter only
Regeneron Science Talent Searchinformational only
Ricoh USA,Inc.
Society for In Vitro Biology
Stockholm Junior Water Prize
U.S.Air Forceinstructional letter only

Yale Science and Engineering Association

All Society-affiliated fairs should receive this mailing in late Fall after affiliation.请仔细阅读资料,并尽最大努力按照地区奖励组织提供的指示进行奖励。

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